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Regular Expression verification/testing tool

If you are a scripter like me and if you heavily use regular expression you may find this tool really useful. If you have used regular expression you may know how daunting it may be write the right expressions, but when you make the expression specific you would find it amazingly helpful for finding the right data, files or whatever else you need.

Stanford robo climbs wall!

Capuchin a four limbed 7 kg robot scales vertical walls using foor and hadholds like a human climber. This Robo carefully balances its weight across its arm and legs using force sensors in the tip of its limb. This robo can climb around 40 times faster than an earlier climbing robot built by the same team.

This robo was built by researches at Stanford University, California, US. For more info check this source

How subprime works

Sub prime loan, how it worksSub prime loans, ARM, Fore closure so many bad news about housing market. Barry Ritholtz has put together a funny nice slide show in Google docs that goes over the whole home market sub prime crisis.

Flexible Keyboard Wash it! Bend it! Pack it!

flexiable keyboardThis washable keyboard is manufactured in durable silicon enabling it to be rolled into a portable laptop case. The keyboard is soft and has comfortable keys that respond quickly to finger strokes. Result

Free access to millions of articles from top publications available from your library

AccessMyLibraryThe Gale Group, a part of Cengage Learning has opened up it large and ever expanding vault of digital content to world, giving you direct and easy access to its resources. You can go AccessMyLibrary.com and browse its 30 million articles directly.

Never ever login in to Hotspots again

Never login into WiFi HotspotIf you have ever tried to login in to a Hotspot for your mobile device you would know how painful it is to connect. You got to open a browser and login in from our browser fiddling with the small keyboard Cry.

Browse your photos is 3D and share it with your friends at MySpace, Flickr, Picasa...

PicMeWhen it comes to managing your digital photos you have so many choices and they are so man web applications that enables you to upload your photos and share it with your friends and virtual pals.

Organize your tabs better with tree style tab

Tree TabNice plug-in for FireFox browser, very handy when you are searching for some thing and end up with bunch of tabs opened. This plug-in would keep track of relations of your open tabs to each other so you can follow the trail back. It groups the tab file a folder tree in explorer and new tabs opened from links are attached automatically to current tab.


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