About Kamesh


Hi and Welcome to my personal web site. Here I talk and share my thoughts on things that becharmed me, philosopy, photograph, technology, gadgets.

About Me:

I would consider myself an optimistic, religious, logical, emotional, down to earth, open minded, lethargic , liberal, tastefully bold. Intrigued by new technologies and spend most of my time surfing on the web reading lot of random stuff, This website is part of my quest for knowledge.

Things I do:

A self confessed computer geek and internet addict. I have spent endless hours falling in love, Laughing (and making others laugh), travel, cooking a gourmet meal, Sit out on the deck and watch the sky for shooting starts, love to immerse myself in moonlit nights, listeting to hum of silence.

I love watching a good movie (even westerns or action stuff), listening to many kinds of music and belive music has no language, I find nature fascinating, I like blue sky's spotted with white clouds, Love freezing moments with photograph, simply walking along tree lined roads, diving, mountain biking, hiking, camping...


obsessive sports fans, closed-minds, inexpressive and unaffectionate people, pessimism, congested city areas, and a lack of imagination and cold or humid weather.

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