How about a free spell check for your MAC

Spell CheckIf you are looking for a spell check for your MAC gSpell could be a good choice for you. It uses spelling suggestions from Google, which is more accurate than a desktop spell checker plus few more features like formal name correction, world's most common spelling mistakes...

Wacky WiFi products

WiFi T-ShirtWiFi every where and on every thing seems to be the new Mantra nowadays. It nice to see a new technology been adopted and used widely. The result you got cool products and wacky products. PCMag has put a list of 10 Wacky WiFi products for year 2007, Even though it sounds wacky i do like some of those products, for example this Cool WiFi T-Shirt.

Online Writing Lab

OWLWell if you are looking good resources to improve your English Writing skills Purdue OWL is your heritage place. This online writing lab from Purdue university has over 200 free resources including

Virtual GPS ribbon would guide you on confused intersections

I would say GPS is one cool invention, I have taken many road not taken which i never did before I had a GPS. Even with GPS how many times have you taken a wrong turn at an intersection were simple directions aren't clear enough. Well this cool patent pending invention makes a red ribbon appear out in front of your windshield in 3D, showing you exactly the route your car is supposed to take.

Have you ever used your credit cards outside of US?

Credit reportHave you ever used your credit card outside of US? Have your credit card company (VISA, Master Card) imposed a 1-3% transaction fee for the transcations that incured on a foreign exchange? Then you may like this. Check out

Photos that freezed right moment

Have you ever wished you to be at right place in right time? Well the photographers of these awesome photos were at the right place and able to freeze the right moment too. Enjoy these nice collection of photos that were Shot at exact right angle, exact right time.

Paste multiple lines to input boxes

multilineA every useful post at LifeHacker. If you've ever tried copying and pasting a multi-line address into Google Maps just to realize that an input box will only take one line at a time—meaning that you have to copy and paste each line individually—there's a simple Firefox tweak that will solve this problem:

Free phone with cool features. You don't even get this with your paid phone!!

PhoneAfter the Sun set at SunRocket I was phone less and got pissed off, I was searched on the web to see what other SunRocketians where doing and which service provider i should choose next.


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