A Gift from Gandhi

gandhiWhen it comes to any immigration news it does bring in lot of attention from people and I always used to enjoy the rants and raves those article receives. Recently such an article was posted on Washington post and a kind user dug it at you should check out the comments posted by digg users, don't miss it.

Some complain that immigrants steal their job, some say they have created so many jobs, started new companies, some argue immigrants pay taxes which the government uses to spend on its citizens… so many arguments favoring and not favoring immigrants. Even me been an immigrant have arguments favoring and not favoring this subject.

The Cheapest Days to Buy Certain Items

saveA friend of mine used to quote "Why buy some thing for $10 when you can get it for $5" it is commensense but how many times have we found out that some thing we brought was available for a less price? I should say it also taken time, patience, persuasion to scan through all those online coupons, search enginers, shoppers forum... but still it happens.

15 Ways to extend your laptop battery life

laptopTechnology is advancing so much and it is improving the battery life on laptops at the same time applications are advancing and consuming more battery power. Battery life on my laptops was always an issue for me. I have tried to upgrade to 9 cell lithium batteries, replaced my DVD driver with an additional battery, man it was never enough!!

Some good blog sites

I got to say the online journalism or the so called Blogs is changing the way information is passed on the web. You are reading this blog because of this blog influence, there are so many blog side to check out and it is impossible to ready them all, you have to be selective on the blog to read. I have a standard set of blog to watch for and most of them or on the tech side. Micahville has a took some effort and they have listed around 69 tech blogs to watch for, the link can be access here

have a beer bottle but no bottle opener!! these videos may help?

At times i was stuck with beer bottle (left overs from last friday bashes) with out a bottle opener when i burn my mid night oil at work. At times like this i used to try out different ways to open the bottle (out of despiration). I used to feel like an ape trying to do stuff with the limited set of tools it has. I have tried plyers, my teeth, hit the tin on the bin... but never ever opened it cooly  before i checked these videos (despiration again). Check out these nice videos

Opening with a piece of paper

500 ways to open a beer bottle

Solve Sudoku puzzles with these cool tips

Sudoku puzzleStay away from this really addictive game!


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