A Gift from Gandhi

gandhiWhen it comes to any immigration news it does bring in lot of attention from people and I always used to enjoy the rants and raves those article receives. Recently such an article was posted on Washington post and a kind user dug it at digg.com you should check out the comments posted by digg users, don't miss it.

Some complain that immigrants steal their job, some say they have created so many jobs, started new companies, some argue immigrants pay taxes which the government uses to spend on its citizens… so many arguments favoring and not favoring immigrants. Even me been an immigrant have arguments favoring and not favoring this subject.

When it comes to changes, people are reluctant, and the fear of unknown makes them scared to accept changes and move with it. The outcome is even more when it appears like a threat which is in this case

These rants and raves recollected the rants and rave for computer when they were first introduced. Many thought computers is going to take away their jobs and the fear is a computer can replace 10 persons work, so more job cuts… But you know what happened in real


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