Have you ever used your credit cards outside of US?

Credit reportHave you ever used your credit card outside of US? Have your credit card company (VISA, Master Card) imposed a 1-3% transaction fee for the transcations that incured on a foreign exchange? Then you may like this. Check out CCFSettlement.com. This web site supplies information about the litigation and the settlement, and provides links to relevant documents for Members of the Settlement Classes and others interested in the settlement.

At first I go a mail from these folks and my eyebrows raised up due to curiousity and I wondered if it is yet another SCAM!! So i jumped online and searched to end of internet and found this is supposed to be a legit one!!

 So I went to the website and entered the code and poof it showed my SSN and other details! anyways I decided to go for the flate rate of $25 as i don't have all the details of the transcations that I made in my credit cards outside of US.

There are couple of website which have posted info about this website and you can find on of them here.

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