The joy of one number

DiVitas NetworksFew months ago we at DiVitas Networks wanted to take our product testing to next level. Rather than simply testing the product and qualifying it we wanted to use it like our customers do, so we had discussions with our Dev and product management team and we came up with this idea of "Eat your own dog food". This was similar to what we did at Devicescape Networks. At Devicescape we had project Purina were we replaced all our wireless APs with Devicescape APs and set the SSID to Purina (brand name for a dog food) and the whole company used it for their daily activities. Here at DiVitas we had this project named Alpo (brand name for a dog food).

Few power users in the company were provided with a Nokia phone running with DiVitas solution and we asked them to use it as their regular phone.  This was a real nice strategy and we discovered and fixed lot of use case scenarios. I did show it of to my friends and enjoyed the wows and eye brow raises Innocent.

Having ate the dog food for quite a few months we wanted our power users to blog their user experience at DiVitas blog site. I decided to start this thread and so i posted my first blog "The joy of one number" at DiVitas blog, do check it out.

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