Never ever login in to Hotspots again

Never login into WiFi HotspotIf you have ever tried to login in to a Hotspot for your mobile device you would know how painful it is to connect. You got to open a browser and login in from our browser fiddling with the small keyboard Cry. At the end you are just so painful that you would think twice before you login in next time. Well you have a solution now Cool

The folks at Devicescape Software has burned their midnight oil and give us Devicescape connect.  You have to simply download their client software and create yourself an account at and then enter your Hotspot details like user name and password. Next time when you are in the vicinity of your Hotspot your mobile device would connect to it automatically Innocent.

Devicescape Connect also connects you to many free Hotspots automatically which you didn't even know its existence before. Devicescape connect is available for your Windows XP/Vista laptops, MAC Laptops, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia Tablets and phones and Linksys WIP 300 VoIP phone and the support for more device keep increasing.

In addition to this you can also share your home WiFi network with your friends with out giving away your WEP or WPA key/password !!


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