Free phone with cool features. You don't even get this with your paid phone!!

PhoneAfter the Sun set at SunRocket I was phone less and got pissed off, I was searched on the web to see what other SunRocketians where doing and which service provider i should choose next.

After SunRocket demised with the money i paid i was reluctant to go for a prepaid annual plan and I decided to stick with month to month plan. After all research it was clear that none of the cheap VoIP providers were good. So i decided to hack my Linksys SPA2102-R and hook it up with a free VoIP provider. Sounds nice and easy, but find the solution for a free service isn't that easy.

SunRocketTo get the free phone line with cool features i had to use services from multiple providers and the list is

Preparing the Adapter

SPA2101First thing you have to do is to unlock VoIP adapter, after which you can login and change the service from SunRocket to GizmoCall. I have a Linksys 2102-R ATA and with the help of netizens i was able to unlock this gadget. You have to download a LiveCD and follow the instruction from gizmopasswords. Read the disclaimer and info on this website before you proceed further

  1. Download the LiveCD ISO from sourceforge
  2. After you downloaded it burn it to a CD using Nero or your favorite CD/DVD authoring tool
  3. Put the CD in your PC's CD drive and boot your PC from the CD (you can also use a Intel MAC)
  4. Your PC would boot in Slackware Linux customized for unlocking your VoIP gizmo
  5. Connect your VoIP gizmo WAN port to your PC using a Ethernet cable
  6. Follow the instructions on the PC screen
    1. It should do a factor reset
    2. Should push a hacked config file to unlock your gizmo
    3. Sets web administration user name to admin and password to qwe%zxc5
    4. Turns on web access to your gizmo
    5. Turns off provisioning from SunRocket
  7. After you unlocked the Linksys gizmo reboot the PC and remove the CD and let it boot with your favorite OS
  8. Change the Ethernet cable from WAN to LAN port on your VoIP gizmo
  9. From a browser go to and configure it to GizmoProject
  10. If you would like to upgrade your Linksys 2102 to a latest firmware you can do my downloading the firmware from here

Sign up for GizmoProject

GizmoProjectGizmoProject provides free VoIP service for all incoming calls, calls to other VoIP numbers, Gizmo numbers and toll free numbers. For all other outgoing calls you can buy Call Out minutes. The current rate to call US numbers is $0.019.

  1. Go to GizmoProject and down the messenger and install it on your PC
  2. Sign up for a new account if you don't have one
  3. After you sign in the messenger go to Edit -> My Profile -> and copy your SIP number it should look some thing like 1747XXXXXXX.... just copy the 11 digit number, we would need it ti configure our Linksys gizmo

This SIP number is visible only in GizmoProject word and you can't call this number from a regular phone

Configure your Linksys SPA2102 to use GizmoProject

Do these following steps to enable your VoIP adapter use GizmoProject to make all calls

  1. From your PC open a browser and go to and login with user name admin and password qwe%zxc5
  2. Click on the Router tab and then go to WAN Setup web page
  3. Configure Primary NTP and Secondary NTP to north-america.pool.ntp.organd
  4. Set DNS Query mode to parallel
  5. Click on Voice tab and go to SIP web page and set STUN enable to yes
  6. Set STUN server to
  7. Go to provisioning tab and make sure provisioning enable is set to no
  8. Go to regional tab and set your time zone (for PST set it to GMT: -08:00)
  9. Go to Line1 tab and make sure Line Enable is set to yes
  10. Set Proxy to
  11. Make sure there is nothing configured for Outbound Proxy
  12. Set Register expires is 3600 (1 hour)
  13. Set Display name to your name
  14. Set User ID and Auth ID to your GizmoProject SIP number which would look like 1747XXXXXXX
  15. Set the password to your GizmoProject password
  16. For more info on how to configure your Linksys gizmo check this link at SIPURA

Get a real number from GrandCentral

GrandCentralThe 1747XXXXXXX SIP number is visible only in GizmoProject world and if someone wants to call you they can't call you at this number, They need a legit number to call you. You can get a legit number from GrandCentral and link it to your GizmoProject SIP number. GrandCentral is still in Beta, so it accepts new account only by invitation. You can find couple of invites that still work at

  1. Select a invite and click on it, it should take your to GrandCentral
  2. Follow the instructions and add your mobile number or any other number through which you can be reached (GrandCentral uses this to confirm the new account sign up is from a human)
  3. At the end of sign up GrandCentral would call the number you provided and confirm you to enter a pin
  4. After you finish sign up and confirmed your account, sign in to GrandCentral and go to Settings tab
  5. Click on Add/Edit number link and add your GizmoProject SIP number that looks like 1747XXXXXXX and select the phone type as Gizmo and give it a name

Enabling caller ID

GizmoCallThis is a optional part, do this only if you need your GrandCentral number to show up when you call some one from your VoIP phone

  1. Go to GizmoCall website and sign in using your GizmoProject user name and password
  2. Click on Settings URL on the top left below the GizmoCall logo
  3. You may be prompted to install an app. If prompted to install an app install it and refresh your browser and sign in again if needed
  4. When you click on the Settings link a new window would pop up
  5. Go to Caller ID tab and in Mobile Number enter your GrandCentral phone number (numbers entered in Home Number wouldn't work so use only Mobile Number)
  6. Save the setting and your are all set

Enjoy your free phone

voipConnect your phone to Line 1 on your Linksys adapter and make sure the Linksys adapter is connected to Internet. It is recommended to connect this Linksys adapter to your cable/DSL modem directly instead of connecting it to a router or WiFi gateway. It should work with out any problem even if it is behind a router as we have enabled STUN

From your mobile phone or from a different phone call your GrandCentral number this should ring your VoIP phone Cool After you pick up the call answer it after pressing 1 and start to talk.

Grand Central doesn't want to land on your phone's voice mail so all the calls has to be answer after pressing 1. I wish my VoIP adapter can send a DTMF 1 as soon as i pick up the phone Innocent

BY: Kamesh

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