Turn your neighbour riding your free network life upside down

upside downHave you ever tried to "view available wireless network" and found out there are bunch of wireless network floating around? I do that all the time, at coffee shops, malls, libraries, apartment complexes... I should say most of the time i was lucky to find at least one or two wireless networks thats are open or with default WEP keys. I have even found wireless networks as Linksys, Dlink, Netgear and at times these wireless routers admin password would be the defaults too!!

Anyways what would you do when you found that some one is getting a free ride on your wireless network. Do you change the security, change the wireless key, hide the SSID... How about having some fun with your free rider? That what Pete Stevens has done!! He would capture all the image files the free riders is seeing and turn it upside down, funny isn't. He also blurred the images before the free rider sees the pictures!! I should say thats a pretty Cool idea to have some fun. This script can be run only a Linux machine or a Linux wireless router. I wish I have this option in my wireless router Wink. This cool script can be found here


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