How to change iPhone SIM card using a paper clip

push insim out

iPhone the hot buzz word now, I love Apple for their inovation and importance they give to every singe details in their product, but i hate them to have such a closed environment. I had the same feeling when i saw iPhone, man i love this phone and want to have one, but i don't like that i have to marry ATT for 2 years to have this phone and pay $500 for it. Even though i am a ATT customer i still don't like the idea of signing up for a 2 year contract. Right now i am in ATT with out any contract and i love the freedom to choose my own phone which i buy from ebay most of the times.

Long story short, I loved iPhone and i was despertely looking for options to use my existing SIM in a iPhone with out signing up for 2 year commitment. So i was digging the web like a manic looking for options and it was nice to know that i can change the SIM card of iPhone using a paper clip!! (yeah you heard it right)

Check out this video too

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