Festival of charging bulls

JallikattuSan Fermin is a Spanish festival that happens during July 6th to July 14th week in the city of Pamplona. This festival is held in the honor of Saint Fermin. Visitors around the world come over to see and participate in this festival. The Pamplona bulls would run on the street and charge oceans of men dressed in Red and White. For info info about San Fermin check out this WiKiPedia link and this video.


I often find common things between Spain and India, like the food, culture, family values... In this case in India we have such a festival of charging bull called Jallikattu which happens every year around January 15th. This is a very famous festival in villages and it would be celebrated in many place in south India on the same day. Of all these places Anaganallur if the famous place to check this festival of charging bulls. For an idea about this festival check this video, photos and the news article in New York Times.


Jallikattu photos at pBase

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