Stay fit and be connected

stayfitIt is always fun to workout with a buddy, but it was hard to find a workout buddy, do you feel like wise. I definitely agree with Kris Bierek, President of ShapeFit, "Success with any fitness plan involves variety and enjoyment". Do you know that on average, 90% of people who join health and fitness clubs will stop going regularly within the first 90 days. One of my new years resolution was to get in shape so i went to my local gym and signed up for a 2 year plan (i got sign up for one year and get one year free plan) and went to the gym regularly for 2 weeks!! and then i became irregular and slowly i start to workout sporadically.

 A website like would definitely be of good help to plan your workout routines, meal and meet people of your own interest.

This web site has over 400 recipes, calorie guide, animated workout routines... every useful, check it out

I am going to sign up and see if i can find a workout buddy and get my new year resolution going 

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