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Stay fit and be connected

stayfitIt is always fun to workout with a buddy, but it was hard to find a workout buddy, do you feel like wise. I definitely agree with Kris Bierek, President of ShapeFit, "Success with any fitness plan involves variety and enjoyment". Do you know that on average, 90% of people who join health and fitness clubs will stop going regularly within the first 90 days.

Satan's chopper

satan bikeIf i have seen this chopper before bought my Ninja i would have bought this one, now i just envy it.

It has a four cylinder dual V-twin motors and Intel quad-core processors. The four Intel cores powers two rear view camera displays, digital speedometer, virtual gauges, finger print reader, virtual ignition, kick stand control...

How many faces do you see?

How many faces do you see in this picture?lots of face

Beginners Guide To Lock Picking

lock pickingInformation like this can be useful and sometime fatal when it gets to people with wrong intention, but information is wealth and it prevails.

iPhone alternatives/competitors/killers

pi phoneMy second blog on iPhone ranting about apples closed cult. Anyways as i said earlier in my blog, i like iPhone, but I don't want to pay such a high price for a unlocked phone and a high cost plan. So i was looking for iPhone alternatives and i was really amazed to find phones that are actually better than iPhone but unknown to people.


What to comment on this Undecided. I should definitely appreciate the patience to this person who has put all common things in the house and made a big domino rumble. Nice to watch, watch it at

Alternative pointing device: Foot mouse!! sounds too fetish

foot mouseIt may sound fetish's, you just slide your foot into the FootTime foot mouse's slipper and your are off and running, controlling the cursor in one foot and click and scroll using the other.

would be a good help for people with carpal tunnel syndrome and for people who finds two hands not enough

Lock bumping!!

medecoRecently i came across this article about lock bumping a Medeco lock, Medeco locks are supposed to be highly secured locks and they are used in fed buildings. According to Medeco their locks are utilized in venues such as white house and pentagon. I am amazed or to better putt it right i am scared to know that bump keys can unlock many locks!


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