On a Quest

Where did babies come from?

CartoonThis is one common questions curious kids raise, and this question may baffle you with how do to explain it to this kid. You may feel embarased to explain it, Or cook up a story you heard some time before, like a swans would bring the babies from heaven and brought them in bed for nice family... some thing like that.

whats in the kool-aid that gives wings!!

redbullEver wondered whats in Red Bull that give you energy to fly?. Check this link at wired.com that breaks every thing that is in this small shinny tin which gives so much energy. Don't ever think light about this little guy!!

Bird of paradise

bird of paradiseAt first i couldn't believe this a bird!! Second I was amazed on how cool this bird is when I saw it on Planet Earth in Discovery Channel. Today I found this video on YouTube with cool music re-mixed, It is cool to watch this bird's moves with the cool music.

Festival of charging bulls

JallikattuSan Fermin is a Spanish festival that happens during July 6th to July 14th week in the city of Pamplona. This festival is held in the honor of Saint Fermin. Visitors around the world come over to see and participate in this festival. The Pamplona bulls would run on the street and charge oceans of men dressed in Red and White.

Ten thousand miles journey begins with a single step…

Go GreenIndia has taken the first nation wide step to tackle the climate issues. Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh has chaired a meeting with top officials to draft a plan for climate control.

What is a TrackBack URL?

Thats the question popped up when i saw it on blog sites. Then the curiosity started the quest to search it. So, i did my research on the web and found out it is really a y cool concept!! Should i say it is a method of links/blogs socializing with each other Laughing Sounds funny aha

The joy of one number

DiVitas NetworksFew months ago we at DiVitas Networks wanted to take our product testing to next level. Rather than simply testing the product and qualifying it we wanted to use it like our customers do, so we had discussions with our Dev and product management team and we came up with this idea of "Eat your own dog food". This was similar to what we did at Devicescape Networks. At Devicescape we had project Purina were we replaced all our wireless APs with Devicescape APs and set the SSID to Purina (brand name for a dog food) and the whole company used it for their daily activities. Here at DiVitas we had this project named Alpo (brand name for a dog food).


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